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Long-Running Personal Ad Comedy ‘I SAW YOU’ Moves to New Schedule, Opens Door to Guest Performers

Lakeview mainstay live comedy show switching to twice-per-month schedule in an effort to deliver a broader and more varied set of performers and material

CHICAGO - Bruised Orange Theater Company, the producers of the long-running comedy I SAW YOU, are implementing big changes to the eleven-year old show. Changes to the source material, as well as the city it’s sourced from, prompted the change. The crux of the show - live readings of Chicagoans looking for love and lust through online ads - remains, albeit with some twists.

The cast, currently comprised of 11 people who rotate in a 3-person-a-week show, will be expanding to include guest performers and new voices. The company is currently conducting a search for new talent.  “I SAW YOU is a collection of real stories, and we wanted variation in the stories told and the people telling them,” said Ann Sonneville, one of the creators of I SAW YOU. To that end, certain performances will include guest Chicagoans artists who will spend a short time getting acquainted with the material, then hit the stage.

There will be additional opportunities for live music and other disciplines as the cast expands. Sonneville encouraged aspiring guest performers to attend I SAW YOU “a couple of times” and submit their headshots and resumes to

The show focuses on the celebration of people and their kinks, and not a judgement or shaming of the individuals posting them. In order for that to work, the company needed to expand their source material.  Further, the number of Missed Connections have declined, signaling a generational shift in how people find love, friends, and one another.  The new show will now include several other apps and websites in an effort to find the most genuine and most interesting ads.

The premise remains the same: real Chicago-area personal ads in the categories of “Missed Connections,” “Seeking,” and “Casual Encounters/X-Matches” performed by a rotating cast, only now the show will feature anywhere between three and five actors instead of a strict three. New ads and older favorites are included in each show, which is approximately one hour long.  I SAW YOU is Chicago Reader recommended: .  Tickets are $5 each at the door (cash only), and the show, like the venue, is strictly 21+.

Once offered every Wednesday at 8pm at Town Hall Pub in Boystown, the show will now be performed on the first and third Wednesday of each month starting June 6, 2018.

“We’re going to shake up the structure and remix it a bit,” explained co-creator Clint Sheffer.  “Our performers have strong comic, dramatic, and musical backgrounds so we’re going to open ourselves up to more music and sketch opportunities while staying true to the source material.”  Sheffer added that “we always approach from an angle that these are real people with real needs and desires, who don’t deserve to be mocked just for wanting companionship. There are some spammy and sexbot websites out there that we’ll stay away from entirely, like we always have.”

I SAW YOU was created by Mark Spence, Clint Sheffer, and Ann Sonneville in 2006 and has been performed more than 500 times in venues around Chicago.

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